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Monthly gross rental income:
Annual employment & trade income:
Monthly mortgage interest:
Monthly running costs e.g. Property Management:
Taxation and Profitability
Result As Now Transitional Rules New Rules
  2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Tax Band
2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Tax Band Assumptions (all years)
0% Threshold 20% Threshold 40% Threshold 45% Threshold
£11,000 £43,000 £150,000 >£150,000

If you are looking to get a view on how you will be affected by the changes to tax rule, then check out our property tax calculator. BESMOVE have developed an easy to use tool to give landlords forward-looking view of how the changes will affect someone over the transition period. The landlord buy to let tax calculator is designed based on the changes the tax rule introduced by the chancellor.

The HMRC have put together a few examples users to illustrate how income tax from the property will change over the years. Clear losers in the changes are higher and additional tax ratepayers. The other group that is going to be affected by the changes are people who are currently in basic taxpayers and will end up into higher tax bracket? As a result of the tax changes introduced in 2015 by George Osborne.

Landlords will be able to deduct some of the costs when you work out your taxable property profits during the transitional period. These deductions will be gradually taken away and replaced with a basic rate relief tax reduction: This will have a significant impact to your tax liability and profit margin and could push your portfolios from profit into a loss.

Tax percentage used in landlord buy to let tax calculator

Landlords should plan with our buy to let tax calculator and avoid ending up with a portfolio of loss-making properties with during downturn in the property market, and unable to sell. Landlords should read t our post based on the FT article to develop a roadmap that will protect the know changes as well as risks posed by Brexit and the potential downturn in the housing market.  The options available to landlords are minimal at present, and with any market correction, the possibilities could narrow, and landlords will have little alternative than to sell at a loss.

Tax year Deductible Cost % from Rent Percentage of basic rate tax reduction
2017 to 2018 75% 25%
2018 to 2019 50% 50%
2019 to 2020 25% 75%
2020 to 2021 0% 100%


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besmove review

Love to hear about your thought on our landlord but to let tax calculator and the post and share any ideas about how best to plan for the upcoming changes.

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