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Property Management 101: The things all Landlords should Do

Property Management

Every landlord, no matter at what stage of his career juggles with a lot of tasks at hand to work efficiently. However, it is never easy to complete all of them in time. The setbacks in the field happen mostly because of the lack of homework and research. Yet, due to the tough real estate market, it is very important for the landlords to keep their approach professional and reliable. 

So here are some tried and tested tips for all the landlords out there who want to make their real estate game stronger and faster!

Tips to Increase and Manage Your Property Business!

The following tips will evaluate your dealings and make your work manageable and efficient!

1.      Keep a record of all Your Tenants

The first rule to do any rental project is to keep a proper record of all your tenants with necessary information. Never do any verbal agreement neither accept any application or request from your clients that are not in writing. Without, providing proper information of previous payments, property references and biodata, do not hand over the property. The best thing to do would be hiring one of the property management companies to do all these tasks for you. It will keep you updated and will help you run the business smoothly.

2.      When you Choose a Tenant, Choose Wisely

It is very important to satisfy your business standards while dealing with property. Choose your tenant well. When you receive a request for rental, ask for the referrals from previous landlords. So you could be sure about your property will be in safe hands and you will receive regular payments.

3.      Evaluate your Service System

The simple your system and procedure will be, the more amount of people will be interested to deal with you. People always compare one landlord to another and whether their system is smooth or not. Keep your dealings communicatively effective and all your data sorted out. Remember property maintenance is chaotic. If you won’t keep things in order, they will definitely mess up!

4.      Keep a Timeline Check on You Rental’s Deadline

You will miss a lot of important payment deadlines if you failed to keep a check on your rentals every now and then. It is better to put reminders and a list of deadlines. Again, by availing any property management services, this can be easy. Also, visit the properties you have rented as well. In case, there is property damage or something that is needed to be fixed from your side, you must cater it immediately to keep your tenants under a good impression. This will help you expand your name in the market.


To cut the long story short, you must fix all your dealing through proper conduct of code. Also, keep your presence visible in the real estate circle and social media to connect with people who can be possible tenants.

So that is all, tell us if you can think of anything else a landlord must do!

What Do Property Management Companies Do?


What Do Property Management Companies Do?

List of Responsibilities of Residential Property Companies.

  • Take Processional Photos
  • Write Compelling Ad Copy
  • Post Adverts on Popular Portals
  • Respond to Enquires & Arrange Viewings
  • 1st Line Contact Centre for Tenants
  • Appoint Contractor for Repairs
  • Manage Repairs
  • Routine Inspections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Check Inventory
  • Negotiate Deport Return
  • Check Out Move Out
  • Evict a Tenant
  • Arrange End Of Tenancy Cleaning