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Do I need a dedicated Property Management Company?

Landlords can decide if they need a dedicated property management based on their needs and capability and time available and can use the points below as a guide. 

Are you a good bookkeeper and can keep record of all your rental property transactions?

Some homeowners are experts in this field; these people will not experience difficulties in this aspect. In the case of other homeowners who are not professional bookkeepers, recruitment of an accountant may be a fantastic choice. A property management company can also take off the stress from you if you are willing to hire their services. Best of all, these services can be tax deductible, so you could get this done without losing your profit margin. In Fact, you may increase your profit margin through increased rent and lower vacancy rates.

Can you regularly visit if you live close or far from the rental property?

Living close to the leased property will offer you the chance to visit the place for inspections, maintenance, and collection of levies. Moreover, if you live far from the property, you have to consider the time utilized in traveling and the costs associated with the trip. However, if the space of the property is a large one, you may be tempted to visit often, and that could be catastrophic. It is essential to have a schedule for monthly visitation to check the property.

Do you have trusted traders you can call on the phone for help when you cannot do it on your own?

The process of finding reputable and trustworthy contractors may be tough and time-consuming. You are likely to engage the services of employees who are not committed to your vision; these people will cheat you and perform ridiculous tasks and offer you a wrong quote. You need to understand that you cannot shy away from the issue of repairs and maintenance in property management. Engaging the services of a reliable property management company will ensure the task in your property is carried out at a fast pace without compromising quality.

Would be OK to receive a call from a tenant complaining about a fault in her bathroom at 2 AM?

This question is complicated, and it is crucial to provide adequate honest answers in this regard. As a homeowner, you are responsible and answerable to calls from your tenants, and you must understand that your holiday, special moments, vacation and other times in your life must not prevent you from taking care of the urgent needs of your tenants when there is any need. It is essential to note that you will not get called to fix one or the other more often, but if there is a call for you to set it, be fast about the process.

As a homeowner, are you willing to confront tenants who have not fulfilled their financial obligations and refuse to pay?

You must ensure tenants pay as soon as possible by making use of gentle reminders of their indebtedness. If the application of friendly reminder does not work, you may have to employ legal means. A property management company will help you implement the principles laid out in the agreement with the tenant. 

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Vetting your tenants amidst new rules

As a landlord, your property is one of your greatest asset and your tenants are temporary custodians of this asset. It’s important that you have peace of mind with the confidence that your tenants looking after your property as well as you would.

New rules

Recent changes in the buy-to-let (BTL) landscape are making tenant referencing even more important than in the past. New right-to-rent rules are one of the most significant. Under the legislation, you—as the landlord—need to have seen your tenant’s actual passport and permanent residency and right to stay documents before handing over the keys. The UK government site has guidance on the following aspects of right-to-rent rules.

The Solution:

Use expert agencies or professional property management companies
It has become essential to use third party tenant referencing agencies either yourself or via your letting agent. This is especially important in this time of increasing fraud which can mask illegal residents, criminals, and tenants with poor records.

Fake documents, such as bank statements, utility bills, and employment history are easily available online so it is wise for you to discuss your service agreement with the letting agency or directly with the referencing agency to confirm that they will provide verification of identity, credit history, mortgage statements, a Cifas fraud prevention check, county court judgments, employment references, and a renting track record—important verification that a prospective tenant is worthy of the value of the asset being placed in their care.

It is important to make sure agencies are complying with their tenant referencing obligations and agree to bill you only when your tenant’s first payment of rent has been made, not before.

If you wish to make an agreement with a potential tenant who checks all the boxes but has an insufficient credit history, consider having a guarantor in place to cover in the event of default.

Insurance protection
Some letting agencies provide insurance for protection against rent arrears and also to cover costs of an eviction for references they have passed. Rent guarantee insurance is approximately £100 per year and is tax deductible.

The case for caution
While vetting tenants may seem an intensive and overly-complex aspect of the landlord’s burden, the cost and aggravation—should things go wrong—can be devastating. Talk to your letting agent or referencing agency to ensure your protection is iron clad.

"Getting my Property Managed by a professional gives you the freedom to forget about the hassles of managing a property. I was with high street agents before and I have saved a lot on fees compared to the high street agents and service is so much better."

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Benefits of Property Management Companies

Find an ideal Property Management Company to look after your rental property. 


  • Minimise Vacancies  
  • Rigorous Rent Collection Process
  • Compliance With Regulations
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Tenant Screening And Selection
  • Repairs Done On Time

Self managing risks

  • Legal Disputes With Tenants
  • Unpaid Rent
  • Repairs Not Done
  • Council Inspections
  • Rental Repayment Orders
  • Civil Financial Penalties

Reputable Property Management Companies will ensure that they understand your needs of a landlord, and put all their energy in delivering to your expectations. The cost of our professional property management services are deductible from your tax bill, which means you can get someone to manage your property for free. So why spend your valuable time on managing repairs at weekends. 

Since the 2015 changes to tax rules, landlords need to find innovative ways to keep their rental properties cash flow positive. An innovative residential property management company can maximise your rental income by using short and long term lets in line with council regulations. Property Management Companies will use vetted contractors to undertake repairs and maintenance. They will ensure that work is of the highest quality and the repairs cost are recorded and so can be deducted from BTL landlord tax liability where appropriate .

A big part of property management is ensuring that the annual tax returns are filed correctly and on time, and that the right amount of tax is paid to HMRC. Professional property management companies will manage your receipts and and your accountant can ensure that the full amount is claimed back as tax relief to maximise your profit margins.

The Conclusion:

Property management companies are different and services and prices vary from company to company. For landlord its best to get multiple quotes and compare them before deciding.