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You are required to leave the below address after (See note 1 below). If you do not leave, your landlord may apply to the court for an order under section 21(1) or (4) of the Housing Act 1988 requiring you to give up possession.

Address of premises

This notice is valid for six months only from the date of issue unless you have a periodic tenancy under which more than two months' notice is required (see notes accompanying this form) in which case this notice is valid for four months only from the date specified in section 2 above.

Name and address of landlord

To be signed and dated by the landlord or their agent (someone acting for them). If there are joint landlords each landlord or the agent should sign unless one signs on behalf of the rest with their agreement.

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What to do if this notice is served on you

You should read this notice very carefully. It explains that your landlord hasstarted the process to regain possession of the property referred to in section 2below.

You are entitled to at least two month`s notice before being required to give uppossession of the property.

However, if your tenancy started on a periodic basis without any initial fixedterm a longer notice period may be required depending on how often you arerequired to pay rent (for example, if you pay rent quarterly, you must be given atleast three month`s notice, or, if you have a periodic tenancy which is half yearlyor annual, you must be given at least six month`s notice (which is the maximum).

The date you are required to leave should be shown in section 2 below. After thisdate the landlord can apply to court for a possession order against you.Where your tenancy is terminated before the end of a period of your tenancy. (e.g. where you pay rent in advance on the first of each month and you arerequired to give up possession in the middle of the month), you may be entitledto repayment of rent from the landlord under section 21C of the Housing Act1988.

If you need advice about this notice, and what you should do about it, take itimmediately to a citizen`s advice bureau, a housing advice centre, a law centre ora solicitor.


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